Centralia Running

Centralia (sen-treyl-uh) Running is named for the original settlement of Centralia which was quickly renamed Fargo.  It's purpose is to provide an off-season opportunity for middle and high school runners to get together and run!
Many younger runners don't have structure to their running in the off-season and miss the camaraderie of running with their peers.  Centralia Running aims to help with both of these by getting runners connected together and providing a coach to give direction to the workouts.
Who is it for?
High school and middle school endurance athletes.  We encourage you to run with your team in the off-season if possible, for the reasons mentioned above.  If you can't make that time, or your team doesn't meet, then this is a perfect option for you.
What Should You Bring?
A water bottle and a watch.
$5 per session.  Can't afford that?  Don't worry!  No athlete will be turned away for financial reasons.
Starting June 8th 2020 we will be meeting on Monday's and Thursday's at 7pm.  Sessions will until the first week of August.
Island Park in Fargo, ND.  Meet on the west side of the park in the green space between the two parking lots.