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Don't just take my word for it.

Here is what some athletes are saying.

I started running 12 years ago and have always just ran miles and never did any workouts.  I decided I wanted to see what I could accomplish in my running if I did workouts and followed a plan instead of just randomly running. Mark listened to both my goal of a marathon PR and my needs such as 2 days of rest per week.  I started by training for a half marathon using a plan Mark tailored for me and ended up with a PR.  I then continued right into the full marathon plan and another PR.  Mark truly helped me reach my potential and I found the workouts to be great confidence builders.  The support Mark gave to me throughout the training is what truly kept me on track.  When I had a bad workout or was feeling run down, he listened and then told me how to move forward.  If the plan needed to be changed he was flexible.  He ultimately did an amazing job of customizing the plan to my needs and abilities.

- Mandy

Being new to the half marathon world, I was lost with training but when I contacted Mark he was willing to help. We sat down and he got a detailed history of my mileage, any injuries, and the goals I had with the race. Mark is really flexible with training and is willing to customize a plan fitted just for you and will customize the plan to your strengths. He brings great energy to training and is a tremendous motivator and will get the best out of you with each workout. I was lucky enough to have him coach me with my first half marathon and will definitely be going back to have him coach me in the future!

- Brandon

I am very thankful once again for the amazing plan that you wrote me for the summer. I was able to jump into the season only 16 seconds behind my peak 5k last season at the first race. At the next meet, I was able to shave 15 seconds of at a fast course.

Your guidance over the summer helped me to avoid injury and come into the season in great shape. This in turn helped me to maximize my performances at the end of the season. I can say that this season was a success-especially with your help over the summer. I can't wait to work with you this track season!

- Quinn

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