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New Project During Quarantine

Well, like many of you I've been adjusting to the new normal for about a week now. With the restrictions and precautions currently in place due to COVID-19 I suddenly find myself enjoying my running even more. I also have more time to choose my own runs than normal since our high school Track & Field practices are cancelled.

So, I've decided to do something a little different with my "quarantine time". I've always been intrigued by the idea of running every street ever since I first heard of it. Well, I think it's time to try it. I'll try to keep the maps up to date.

My Criteria:

- Only running counts

- Start date is when I started working from home ("quarantine")

- Runs must be tracked by GPS (Garmin)

So my data begins on Sat March 21st, 2020. I actually started working from home on the 19th, but didn't wear my watch on Thursday and took Friday off (why didn't I decide to do this sooner so it would have counted?!).

Here we go...

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